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about us

(Not) regular meetings L / Bi / T women and sympathetic

You are cordially invited to a meeting of lesbian, bisexual, transgender and sympathetic women who recognize and defend their rights (not only) in Prague.

Different Rhythms (RR) are a group open to girls and women from Prague and its surroundings that you sometimes need to talk "among themselves." We are dedicated to discussions and lectures on topics that are close to us. Sometimes I'll play the bowling, volleyball, table tennis and other games (sports and even a plate), and go on trips every month. We visit interesting exhibitions and museums in Prague. Every year we organize a nationwide event "Women Ride", which functions as a meeting of all women's organizations in the Republic, aggravated by expected to keep contact with these groups and mostly quiet weekend in the countryside. We welcome women of all ages who want to spend their leisure time actively.

RR aim is to meet the interests, needs and ideas of all lesbian, bisexual and transgender women and all those who recognize and defend their rights.
RR achieve their goals with the help of events, such as: trips, meetings, discussions, cultural, sports and exciting events elsewhere.

RR's vision is to offer a pleasant, safe and isolated area for dating, meeting lesbian, bisexual and transgender women to share common interests and hobbies with the possibility of contributing to the reputation of LGBTIQ community and highlight its reality.

If you would like to actively participate in programming, HERE YOU OR MISSING ACTION ON THAT YOU THINK THAT WILL BE INTERESTING, PLEASE CONTACT U.S. BY E-MAIL BELOW. HOW INTERESTING AND RICH program will depend on us.

Different Rhythms (RR)

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