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Slovak - Czech Women´s Fund Global Fund for Women

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eLnadruhou o. s. Holky v Brně Poradna pro občanství, občanská a lidská práva kavárna + lesba.cz

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Team RR

Girls, who would like to work on RR are more than welcome. Particularly, those who are more active in participation on RR events. However, organization of all events are done through Blance. So we would be happy if you would like to help develop free time activities for L/Bi/T women and their friends.

Contact information:

Rozdílné Rytmy upholds the civil asociation with eLnadruhou. If you would like to contact us by post to contribute to the operation of RR or the operation of eLnadruhou, o. s., you can use the following contact information:

Postal address:
eLnadruhou o. s.
Rozdílné Rytmy
Čerpadlová 9
190 00  Praha 9

Invoicing address:
eLnadruhou o. s.
Podůlší 2048
193 00  Praha 9

Bank account number: 222707319/0800

IČO: 26999269

VAT: CZ26999269

E-mail: redakce@rozdilnerytmy.cz

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