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History of "Rozdilne rytmy" (Different Rythms)

At the birth of Different Rythms were Viera Hošťáková and Phyllis Plotnick. They have met each other at "Apriles 2001", one word led to another and they started to meet and put toghether project for lesbian and bisexual women. Afterwards they took up with Vera Vamplova who has already devoted several years to similar projects and was willing to help.

Phyllis: "We wanted to offer somenting for every day ... safe and comfortable place, where L/Bi/T women could meet and where they would found mutual support and where they can be amused as well. "

Desired space offered at that time director of Gender Studies Petra Hejnova and than same support we obtained afterwards from the current director Alena Kralikova..

Viera and Vera managed the first discuss group on Wednesday 5th July 2002. The dancing lessons came after orginized by Phyllis. 30 women have participated the discussion and 15 the dancing lesson. This shown that such a program is really needed. From this day more than 30 following discussing meeting followed with different topics: coming out, parents of L/Bi/T women, searching of the place in society etc...

The lesbian from abroad participated our parties as well and gave us idea about the life and conditions of the lesbian minority in other countries.

We have learned salsa, cha-cha, swing, tango, rumba and samba at our lessons... Several time we went dancing to the society as well, for example to "Baracnicka jednota" and or to the dance  winebar "Amfora" and we got a lot of attention. I think we are good at dancing and we give people oportunity to see two women dancing and we get to addition oportunity to dance out of the gay clubs. 

We learned to deal with not too much opened people. When Phyllis and Vera Vamplova wanted to advertise in one news our program for lesbian woman, they were strictly refused, that such a advertisement is not possible. Not early than after several strict letters (one was written by director of Gender Studies Petra Hejnova) they were warmly accepted on the next visit and published the next advertisement without any problems. It is possible to overtake predjudices and discrimination but we have to resist, confront and show our opinion.

We want to overcome bariers between us and heterosexual people and finish unreasonable discrimination and homophobia, we want to quit hidding and live open our lifes.

Different Rythms (RR) are not professional oraganization, but it is informal group of L/Bi/T woman, who share experiences, knowlege and support each other. Different Rythms functions thanks to self-sacrificing work of several woman. Great thanks belongs mostly first of all to Vera Vamplova who lined up discussions at years 2002 and 2003. On March 2003 joined the group of Phyllis and Viera Hostalkova Katerina Benova. Katerina with big support of Lucie Vranova, Lenka M and others led RR until March 2005. The structure of RR has spread of seminars, social ventures, films etc. Web sites has been established with information about up-todate program and history of RR including archive. On 2005 to the aniversaries and birthday parties were added regular monthly Gwen action in Chameleon club that were famouse a lot. From middle of March 2005 the leadership take over Lenka and with Gwen prepare new ideas for you. From September 2005 come to cooperation Patt as well. From January 2006 came Margita, Lenka is leaving RR.  From September 2006 join the team Blanka and Irca as well, as Brno`s connection cooperates with Andy.

On 2007 Gwen with Blanka are participating on action only and RR are changeing the face a bit. The lecture are reduced due to small attandance. They organize mostly meeting, sport and entertaining actions.

On January 2008 Gwen is leaving. For RR she was integrating heart and she deserves great thank. In case you would like to get involved or at least organize some action for others you will be welcome and you can influence L/Bi/T events in our capital. The main principal is to have meeting venue and create the space for cultural, social and sport existence, or for eventual meeting not only in clubs and bars. And Prague is precisely the place offering a great many oportunities where to go, have a walk or to watch. Women are connecting themselves, in case thay have taste to participate some action or to organize, they can do that directly here. Do you have any idea?