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Festivals, sports training!

Festivals, sports training!

12.4.2010  We would like inform you about news of the civic association eLnadruhou, which again for you and your ONLY lesbian cultural festival and other activities, which including invitations to other festival news, see the detail.

Homophobia - A Handbook for Teachers

25.1.2010  Today was officially unveiled at a press conference guide for teachers and teachers in elementary and secondary school pupil called Homophobia in the team which we would like this opportunity to introduce.

PF 2010

PF 2010

21.12.2009  Living a beautiful Christmas, Happy New Year and look forward to in 2010! Remember that even LGBTIQ community has grown from children ...

Offer of dance classes in the summer

9.9.2009  Offer of dance classes in the summer

The Program of the Warm Spring 2009 in Brno

1.9.2009  Program of the festival Qeer Parade in Brno - Warm Spring 2009 taking place from 5th May to 6th June 2009.



21.6.2009  That’s right! It's planning the next Queer Pride Parade and Festival in the Czech Republic, this time in Tábor. Get your calendars, palm pilots and iPhones out and write it down: Saturday June 20, 2009.

Athletical preparation for the member women and members of the assosiation L2

29.5.2009  Civil Association eLsquared has decided prepare professional atheltic preparation for its member women and members to be able better prepare themselves for the football open in the scope of eLsqaured - NOT ONLY lesbian cultural festival a

Lolla it's here

23.4.2009  LOLLA is an internet server for queer women in Czech and Slovak Republic. It works on the basis of a social network.

Výzva lesbickým pisatelkám v AJ

Výzva lesbickým pisatelkám v AJ

23.3.2009  Výzva lesbickým pisatelkám v AJ