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1.9.2009 Program of the festival Qeer Parade in Brno - Warm Spring 2009 taking place from 5th May to 6th June 2009.

Thur 30th April, 09 - Qeer parade and rights of sexual minorities, Alžběta Možíšová a Jolana Navrátilová, 18:00 - Library "NESEHNUTÍ" (avenue Kpt. Jaroše 18 - 1st floor).

Thur 30th April, 09 -The Witches gathering, 20:00 - the hill above Mendl square (map), (http://plavani.stud.cz).

Mon 4st May, 09 - Press conference, 10:30 - coffee bar "Zeman", Josefská Street 4 (first floor).

Mon 4st May, 09 - "Father, father and baby: Gay men and parenthood", Věra Sokolová, FSV UK Praha, lecture with discussion, organizing by "Gender centr FSS M", 16:00 - Aula FSS MU, Joštova Street 10, Brno.

Tue 5th May, 09 - universities Queer day, from 10:00 on several colleges MU.

Tue 5th May, 09 - "Qeer: notion and reality", discussing: Barbora Blahutová (UK Bratislava), Jiří Procházka (UK Praha), Lukáš Sedláček (MU Brno), moderating by Alžběta Možíšová (MU Brno), od 18:00 - Auditorium FSS MU, Joštova 10, Brno.

Fri 8th May, 09 - With the steam train to the Lednice and back, 9:05 departure from The Main station Brno (http://plavani.stud.cz).

Tue 12th May, 09 - Talk about the book of Inger Edelfeldt "Skilful boy" with translator Mirek Pošta, 18:00 - the classroom M117 at FSS MU, Joštova 10, Brno.

Wed 13th May, 09 -  "Discrimination base on the sexual orientation", Olga Pechová, FF UP Olomouc, talk with discussion, organizing by Gender centr FSS MU, 18:00 - classroom M117 at FSS MU, Joštova 10, Brno.

Fri 15th May, 09 - "Qeer activism in middle Europa", discussion with presence of czech and slovak LGBTIQ goups, discussing: Petra Podlahová a Hilary Binder (QPP Tábor), Robert Furiel and Alexander Schneider (Ganymedes, SK) and Jolana Navrátilová (QP Brno), 18:00 - Salon Daguerre, photo-film-art exil, Slovákova Street 1, Brno.

Sat 16th May, 09 - Workshop about safety at Qeer pride parade in Tabor, 11:00.

Sat 16th May, 09 - About the Brno´s legendes, 17:00 - Kapucínské square (in the front of the Churche of the Kapucins), Brno.

Tue 19th May, 09 - "Intersexuality", Martin Fafehta, FF UK Olomouc, lecture with discussion, organising by Gender centr FSS MU, 17:30 - classroom U30 at FSS MU, Joštova 10, Brno.

Tue 19th May, 09 - út 19.5.2009 – Composed evenig "Light for AIDS - AIDS Candlelight Memorial“, 19:30 – Old breweryfactory, Božetěchova 1, Brno.

Thursday 21st May, 09 - "Qeer theatre", lecture Andy Jochman, 17:00 - U42 at FSS MU, Joštova 10, Brno.

Saturday 23rd May, 09 - descussing meeting of the teen gays, 14:30 Main Station, under the clocks (http://www.gejt.cz).

Saturaday 23rd May, 09 - The L Show, (entrance woman and girls only), 21:00 - Music bar Baraccuda, Běhounská 22, Brno.

Thur 28th May, 09 – "Vagina seminar" - meeting with Vagina Queens, it means with activists women of the czech movement V-Day above the book Eve Ensler "Vagina monologs", 19:00 - Salon Daguerre, photo-film-art exil, Slovákova 1, Brno.

Fri 29th May, 09 – „How to make lesbian porn", lecture of Manuela Kay (L-Mag, Berlin, GE), 19:00 - Barracuda club, Běhounská 22, Brno.

Sat 30th May, 09 - „Q-literature“ - debate about contemporary queer-literature with Veronika Lenzova, 16:00 - Salon Daguerre, photo-film-art exil, Slovákova 1, Brno.

Sat 30th May, 09 - Main party of the festival Warm spring, Vladivojna la Chia, Sajbršansón, DJs Jáma Ráma and Romeo Green, karaoke, 20:00 - at Fléda, Štefánikova 24, Brno.

Sat 6th June, 09 - Sport day, 12:00 -18:00 - Grammar school of M. Lercha, Žižkova 55, Brno.

Sat 6th June, 09 - To the right, to the left, to the Pisarky (http://plavani.stud.cz).

Sun 7th June, 09 - To the right, to the left, to the Husovice (http://plavani.stud.cz).

On the most action (mostly indoors) will be available leaflets of LGBTIQ organizations, actions, festivals or inforamtion brochures and it is possible to buy promotional qeer items from Qeershop - including Rainbow flags.

Additional program:

Every Wednesday in Brno swimming at 20:00 (http://plavani.stud.cz) and every thursday in Tea bar "Probuzený Slon ( Awaken elephant)" from 18:00 are meeting Normal boys (http://normalnikluci.org/). As other actions we are plannig: photo exibition from the last year Queer parade Brno, performances, regular programms on Radio R.