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25.1.2010 Today was officially unveiled at a press conference guide for teachers and teachers in elementary and secondary school pupil called Homophobia in the team which we would like this opportunity to introduce.

As a member of the Committee on Sexual Minorities, we received a handbook titled Homophobia in pupil communities to serve as a working tool for teaching in primary and secondary schools. It is a supplementary teaching material to be distributed directly to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports as our colleague from the committee confirmed Klára Laurenčíková.

Homophobic harassment and bullying in primary and secondary schools - as is manifested and how to defend against it, it was a major task which the authors are Smetáčková Irena and Richard Braun.

If you have teachers, pupils, or perhaps just interested in this literature (problems) we offer you a manual for download at this link HERE.
Give us feedback! If you find any gaps or you have comments about this guide Homophobia in the community, pupils, so please tell us the info@elnadruhou.cz and we will pass directly to the authors.

Your views are very important to us and help us improve our future, thank you.