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eLnadruhou o. s. Holky v Brně Poradna pro občanství, občanská a lidská práva kavárna + lesba.cz

Festivals, sports training!

12.4.2010 We would like inform you about news of the civic association eLnadruhou, which again for you and your ONLY lesbian cultural festival and other activities, which including invitations to other festival news, see the detail.

How many of you know, this weekend will start training the existing activists / activists who have had the opportunity to subscribe. If you have not come on Saturday 17 4th at 10.30 in the Therapy Cafe, where the composition of the 150 - CZK you can receive training. More information can be found HERE.

Already this Friday, the 16th 5th alternative lesbian festival begins with the title Another view, more can be found about the event HERE.

In May, the traditional place eLnadruhou - not just lesbian cultural festival, the program was published yesterday and you can learn about it more HERE.

If you want to participate in the Challenge Cup tournament in table football is a need to fill in the application no later than 5 May 2010 and sent to mail or deliver personally arranged for the 10th 5th 2010th Application forms and further information, please go to festivals to sports.

If you want to participate in sports competitions in eLnadruhou - not just lesbian cultural festival, and play as a traveling trophy BEST GROUP sure to fill out an application to the sport, you can download HERE.

More information about the activities and any changes can be found on www.elnadruhou.cz